Friday, January 2, 2009

These pills will make the burning stop in a couple of days...

Thank fuck 2008 is finally over.  It's been an interesting year, so here are some of my high and low lights in no particular (especially chronological) order.

High - Finally coming out to my parents in August. A huge weight has been lifted from me

Low - Mum is not coping with a gay son, though dad is fine.

High - My sister having her second daughter.... beautiful little Kaitlyn - not "Kate Land" as someone from sister's work wrote on the congratulations card.

Low - Seeing my old housemate fall off one step at The Beat and shatter her ankle. Three months off work for her.

High - Losing enough weight and getting enough tone to be fully comfortable in my body and prepared to flash a little flesh in a tight fitting V-neck tee.

Low - Putting on 10 kilos. Actually its not the weight gain that annoys me, its the loss of so much muscle tone. I'm still not comfortable in most of my clothes again.

High - my new house is a two minute walk from my new gym, and my new PT is a little cutie who is working me really hard and I've dropped a couple of kilos over x-mas. Fantastic!

Low - Still a pedestrian, but no longer a angry man about it. I have patience to wait until I've paid for all the repairs on my car. Until then, I walk every where.

High - my new house is great! Great housemate, who has a great bunch of gay friends who are keen for me to out drinking with them! Yay! Alcohol!

Low - caught the clap (no, not from the new housemates friends - it was much earlier in the year)

High - Met Greg on Ekka Show holiday eve

Low - Broke up with Greg.

High - Work

Low - Work

High - Work

Low - Work

High - Work - but I have yet another new job! They are entrusting me to be the Senior HR advisor for the institute for the next few months.

Low - facing a judge over driving on a suspended licence. Stupid, stupid man.

High - got me plenty of sex in '08. If seeking out one night stands with hot men that I meet in bars is slutty, then I happily take that title on. Prudes.

There are plenty more of each... but it's time to stop looking back at the past and time to embrace the future.

2009 is bound to be a very exciting year!


The Mutant said...

I know they say you should take the good with the bad, but I sure hope that by next year I'm seeing a lot of highs! have a fantastic 09

Jarra said...

Sounds like an interesting year. I hope you have an awesome 2009. Happy New Year.

Re your comment from my Karaoke post: Thanks, That sucks, jumping on the furniture is the best part of Karaoke lol.

Anonymous said...

Ben we should talk - I have had the exact same year as you - the break up, the judge, the weight, the clap, sex, - we should be mates in real time!

Andy Man said...

Why are gays so obsessed with their weight all the time... you look perfectly fine Mister.

Ben said...

Kez - same here. I'm going to work on being more optimistic this year. Get some shit sorted and see how things go.

Jarra - I think you're gonna have a top year especially when it starts with a Japnese holiday. Very jealous.

Tom - sounds like a good plan. I think I upset my mother even more than you do yours.

Andy - Thanx... if only I had a stomach like yours, then I'd be truly happy.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?