Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Owwww. My ovaries.

I can't believe how god-damn fucking sick I am. It's x-mas eve, I'm about to start a two week holiday and I am sick as a fucking dog.

My throat is burnt to all hell from some major reflux action (damn you stress), my ears are all itchy and achy, my head is completely stuffed and I'm just plain exhausted.

Can't I just spend some quality time away from this place relaxing by the pool, catching up with mates and seeing my family without having to blow my nose constantly and splutter all over people?

No - Jesus hates me and he doesn't want me to be happy on his birthday.

It's simple really.


Andy Man said...

That's what you get for being a cunt all year.


Kezza said...

Next time you need to speak more clearly when Santa askes what you want for Christmas, clearly he misheard your request for a "big dick" and instead made you a "bit sick" next year ask him when your sober!

Ms Smack said...


I came here from Google Reader to offer you sympathy and stuff, but saw Kezza's comment, and lost it.

Get well soon :)

phishez said...

Laughter is the best medicine, and after seeing Kezza's comment, I'll be healthy all year!

Clearly you need a holiday.

Josh said...

Sorry you feel bad, hope you can salvage some happiness for the holiday.

phishez said...

Still laughing at Kez's comment.

Merry Christmas Ben!

Ms Smack said...

Do you think It'll be Zeke that dies in Neighbous?

Anonymous said...

get well! x

Ben said...

Fucking love your comment Kezza.... lol'd myself stupid when I read it.

And Smack... Zeke doesn't die, he becomes a gay this year!