Sunday, December 21, 2008

Next time just punch me in the face repeatedly... it's got to be less painful

So I'm in the middle of moving house. I hate moving house so much.

I've put three holes in the wall at the new place already. Thank Christ my new house mate is really nice and he has fixed them for me already.

I just spent 5 hours at the old place fixing holes in the wall there, but had a shit-house time trying to match paint.  

There is a shit load of cleaning to do at the old place still, and I'm up for a really intense three days at work.

So I'm tired, cranky, ready to kill everyone. A perfect x-mas mood really.

Saving grace.... I have done ALL my present shopping! Yay for being organised for once.

Now back to unpacking...


Josh said...

I thought us gay men were supposed to be good at packing our shit?

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

phishez said...

I hope you're not supposed to be having Christmas at yours this year. That would definitely suck.

Andy Man said...

Moving house sucks balls, but why the hell are there so many holes in your walls? Errant elbows during sex, or are you a hole punching angry man in a fight?