Monday, September 15, 2008

Maybe we can add some interpretative dance?

I hate group work. I hate leadership programs. This is why;

My housemate is about to complete a three day residential session to finish off her leadership development program, that culminates in a group presentation at the end. She received this email today;

From: L******, Grace
Sent: Monday, 15 September 2008 11:01 AM
To: M****, Charmaine; S****, Katrina; H****, Rowena
Subject: RE: Leadership
Importance: High

Hi guys

What do you think about singing a song re: leadership and then we do some interpretative dance along with it or if not dance, to give meaning on it. Probably, we can bring our costumes too.

I can bring my karaoke microphone so whoever sings doesn’t need to worry much (it's a magic phone! ;-)

Below are some songs that are probably leadership-related

Hero - Janet Jackson
Wind Beneath my wings

The songs above are in my karaoke so we have the lyrics to follow and we can then use the magic microphone. All we need is to set it up in the TV.

I have found a list of songs from the internet which are also leadership-related. I just don’t know most of them, but probably you do. I'm not sure either if they are in my karaoke list. I'll check.

For your comments please guys.


I'm not sure which part is making me laugh hardest... is it the interpretive dance? Or the fact that the girls shouldn't worry as she has a "Magic Phone"? Or that she has taken the time to search for leadership songs?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – leadership development programs are a waste of time.

I’m never employing anyone who’s done one of these crap fests – because I believe it will significantly reduce your IQ.


Kezza said...

Oh you have to be kidding, is this shit for real?

Interpretive dance? *falls over laughing*

Ben said...

Oh, it's for real.

I want to see the video of my housemate doing it.

I once saw an wedding waltz done in an interpretive style. It was hilarious.