Thursday, September 4, 2008

I love sick days...

I'm off sick today - damn sore throat and congested as all hell. But it's raining and cold so I'm snuggled up in front of the heater watching the repeat of "Make Me a Supermodel". Men in speedo's on a sick day... almost perfect (just need my man beside me).

And I've come to realise, this is a really crap show - Jen Hawkins is nice enough, but lets face it, she's no Naomi Campbell. There's no sass, no attitude, no supermodel behaviour.

The rest of the judges are a bit so-so. Tyson Beckford is nice to look at, but once again, the personality is lacking and that tattoo on his neck is horrible.

Oh, and who invited their mum? Sorry, that's Jackie Frank.

I know it's trying to be different from America/Australia's Next Top Model, but it's just coming off as a very poor copy. Very poor indeed.

But it's the production values that are really annoying me. It looks cheaply made - kinda like they have just thrown it together at the last minute without really thinking about how it will look.

There is one saving grace though. As mentioned above, the boys are capturing my attention, especially Mr Isaac Keenan. He has so much going for him. Nice face, hot body, and actually quite a nice fella.

He managed to fall in the bottom three, and the look on the poor bloke's face just shows how much he wants to try and impress.

Oh, did I mention he looks absolutely great in his speedo's? If I could find a full body pic I would post it - it's quite nice really.

Hope he doesn't get voted out. Not that I'm gonna pick up the phone and actually vote.


Anonymous said...

so I log into Blogger to find that I have a 'follower' - your good self!?

hehe EXCELLENT! I'm totally going to start a cult, starting with YOU!

Kezza said...

I just can't do this reality TV, "make me a famewhore" thing anymore, I used to thrive on, but enough is enough. I gave up on BB, I'm over Idol and ANTM and now this... I haven't even bothered. If anyone wants a new TV, you'll find mine out on the street in front of my house!

Oh, and by the way, I'm still waiting for my damn free money!