Friday, July 25, 2008

Maybe she saw him act?

Oh sad tidings are upon us. The romance of the decade, nay the century is reportedly over.

Not-that-great-looking pretty boy, Dean Geyer and the better looking Veronica, Lisa Origliasso have split.

There are lots of rumours flying that an old flame has been the cause, but the official word is that the pressures of a long distance relationship have finally taken their toll. A word from management;

"Our careers demand we be in different parts of the world now and in the future, and the pressures associated with this have forced us to make this very difficult decision. We remain committed and caring friends, with love, admiration and support for one another. We would appreciate respect for our privacy at this time."

Dean can finally come out of the closet and continue to impress us with his truly woeful acting on Neighbours and Lisa can continue being pouty in film clips.


Anonymous said...

nicely reported, but it's Lisa that was engaged to Dean and is the better looking Veronica, not Jess.

Ben said...

I thought that was the case... edit on the way.

Thanks for the heads up