Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I know I'm Gay but...

Yes I'm gay, and I do rather enjoy being this way inclined, but there are many things in this lovely little sub-culture of mine that I just don't get.

Celine Dion - why god, why? In fact, it's probably the whole "diva" pop princess thing I don't get. Kylie/Madonna/Brittney/Mariah. I just don't really care for them at all.

Sex in the City (the movie) - yes I did watch it when it was on TV, yes I have posted about it previously, but what's with gay men's irrational love of four wrinkly old cunts talking about sex constantly? Give up already.

Scarves - especially those big arse pashmina things
Pink - specifically wearing it

Cocktails - big, dumb, fruity, brightly-coloured cocktails.

Musicals - there is something extremely gay about men emoting through song. The only thing gayer is the gays getting all gay over them. (Sweeney Todd was a good movie though, and I do like Rocky Horror)

Bears - no issues with facial (says the man with the almost permanent three-day growth) and some body hair is OK, in no way do I go all gay for a hairy man. I prefer 'em smooth.

Drag - its not attractive, its not funny, its just a fat man lip synching badly to crap pop songs.

That's all for now, but I'm sure my rage will return with more later.

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