Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Damning the "man"

I know work is about, um, working and all that stuff, but how many of my favourite websites can be blocked by the department's content filter?

I used to have a morning routine - log in, make coffee while waiting for stupid computer to log in, turn on radio and go through all my favourite sites for about 15 mins or so.

But that's all changed now. Damn you. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

The list so far includes;

Dlisted - inappropriate language
Redmeat - as above
Facebook - social networking
Myspace - same
PerezHilton - um. He's a wanker
Ebay - on line auctions (not allowed to make money off guvvie pooters)
Weight Watchers - shopping sites are a no-no. I have never bought anything off there, it's the forums I go for.
Defamer Australia - umm not too sure on this one, maybe language?
Made in Brazil - not surprising as it is basically South American men in speedo's
YouTube - video streaming not allowed

I miss all these sites (especially the social networking things). I know I have the net at home and a good change manager shouldn't be wasting his time surfing the net, but can't I have a little bit of fun?

What surprises me though is some of the sites I can still access -

Towleroad, Real Jock, Joe.My.God - pretty much gay culture with lots of half naked men shots. Maybe they don't want to be seen to be victimising my sub-culture. Or maybe the guy that checks all the web links is gay and doesn't want to spoil his own fun?

Now they just need to block blogger and damnyouzeke and I'm truly fucked.

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