Friday, July 25, 2008

Damn you Laura Linney

Love Actually is on TV again. I just happened to switch over as Laura Linney's character manages to snare the hot man from her office (you know, the hot hot Italian looking guy).

It kinda makes me happy... no not in a horny happy way, but in that idealistic "Wow, no matter how much of a social retard you may be, you can find a really beautiful person to hold you," kind of way.

Yeah... Benji's feeling a bit needy tonight.

So They're making out, and its all hot and heavy - even some boob action from Ms Linney. Oh and that guy has the best body, when the phone rings. Its her brother, and she can't not talk to him.

And that ends the night of passion for Ms Linney. In fact, it pretty much ends her entire story arc in the film.

And that makes me sad. She's the only character that doesn't get a resolution, doesn't get closure. She just goes on as if nothing has happened.

So that moment of happiness, the moment of true potential for a happy life is fleeting and can be easily taken away. Never to be repeated.

Kinda feels like my life right now.

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