Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We don't want her, she scares us...

I'm kinda shocked and suprised at this little tid bit I found on joe.my.god.

Mike Myers is rumoured to admit to enjoying the company of men. You know, tell the world he's a fan of musicals? Rather enjoys listening to Kylie? Likes to take it up the bum.


Some of the comments on joe.my.god are a bit harsh though especially this one;

"This possible revelation brings to mind a comment about Anne Heche in her lezbo-nutzo phase: We don't want her on our team. She scares us."

While he's not the typical dream boat, twinkie, muscled up boy of recent hollywood outings (think Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass - acutally they don't fit that bill either), it's not a bad thing that he's gonna get his pink ticket.

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