Monday, June 16, 2008

"A rare and unfortunate accident"


"A NEW York dog owner reportedly watched in horror as his terrier, still on the lead, was sucked up by a street-sweeping truck and killed.

Ginger, a Boston Terrier, was killed in the Bronx on Thursday, the Associated Press reported.
Owner Robert Machin said he was about to put his two dogs into the car after a walk when the truck went past, AP said.

Mr Machin said he was suddenly whipped around and saw Ginger (centre ugly dog) being swallowed by the sweeper's bristles. "I went berserk at that moment because I couldn't believe what had occurred," he said.

He and his friends had to chase the truck before it would stop and he could pull out the dog's body.

The Department of Sanitation called the incident "a rare and unfortunate accident". "

I must be a cruel, heartless man, because this made me laugh. But then I felt guilty at laughing, so I musn't be that bad.

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