Friday, May 23, 2008

Would you hit it?

I got some spam from Video Hits this morning, trying to get me to enter some comps etc - you know the usual TV bullshit they send out - and I just had to laugh out loud at the pics they used for the hosts;
I'm sorry, but these must be the worst two publicity shots I have
ever seen.
Nathan is not an attractive man - but the long hair makes him less appealing than ever. Fuzzy looks like she is flashing a lot of gum and has no top lip. There's something wrong with her eyes too.

Surely these two have better pics that Video Hits could have chosen? Or maybe they are such arseholes in real life (my brother-in-law has processed Fuzzy through customs and she was a bitch) that the web guys decided to fuck them over.

Ah well, they are still better hosts than that tool Axel Whitehead.

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