Monday, May 19, 2008

Would you hit it?

This is old news... but apparently at one of the Logies after parties, Mr Matt (I'm never seen without a hat as I have no hair) Lee and Mr John (if it wasn't for Oz Idol, I'd have sold my kidney) Foreman hooked up.

From -

“They were spotted leaving the Channel Ten Logies after-party in the early hours of the morning,” she writes, “and certainly seemed to be getting along swimmingly.”

They’re both (relatively) young, both single and it looks like they’re now ready to mingle.

Wow. I couldn't really think of a worse couple. They actually make Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea seem "right".

Can you imagine them going for it? "Don't touch the hat John. Seriously. Don't fucking touch it." Actually I can imagine Jason Coleman watching them and then giving a heart felt critique as to why the sex sucked so bad.

Hmm... at least they're getting some.

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