Thursday, May 29, 2008

No talent whores...

(Old post from October 2007)

Tell you what... I am fucking over Brittney Spears.

Wait - I'm not really. She's a train wreck of a human being who either had some talent at the start, or a really good manager who managed to turn her into a major sensation and that deserves some kudos.

Snaps to Brit Brit.

What I am really over is the god-damn irrational media fascination with her downfall brought about by her supposed drug use and the fact that she is now a lard arse whore.

Example - On this morning out of the first 12 stories, 8 were Britney Spears related.

That's a whole 75% percent (yes I can do maths) that were all about her buying coffee, going into court, coming out of court, being yelled at by people, and generally being a lazy slut.

Then there is the crap about Alli Simms, K-Fed, her mother, her sister, the stupid body guard, her hair free Va-Jay-Jay being flashed every where, photo-shopped pics to make her arse look even bigger, Sarah Silverman, JT shagged her, her smashing into cars and then leaving the scene.

Do we really fucking care? Do we? Well?

Fuck you Perez "Quadruple Chin" Hilton and your obvious lack of material to keep your site entertaining. You better pull up your act or I'm gonna forget you exist.

Actually - I think I am really over that fat wanker. His site has become all about his lame TV appearances, his fucking stupid "night-club" appearances and links back to his completely cunty youtube vids.

There must be better celebrity gossip blogs out there (Dlisted comes to mind, and D-Famer for the australian flavour) - so its time to boycott Mr "my fat latino thighs rub together so much they bleed all over my gay white pants suit" Hilton, and find a new source for non-britney realted gossip.

Die Perez, die.

Better give the coffin makers some notice though - they don't keep XXXXXL size coffins in stock you fat fuck.

That's all I have to say on the matter.


Cranky McCrank Crank
(aka - Ben)

PS - yes I know by blogging about Brit, I am perpetuating the thing I hate about all the media attention. Blow me - I'm not in the media, just a cranky former fatty.

I must be hungry.

PPS - yes I know I was extremely harsh about Perez's size, and that would have made me cry when I was that fat, but he is in the media, so fuck him. Go get a personal trainer and stop annoying me tubby.

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