Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's finger licking good!

This news is pretty fucking gross, but I just had to pass it on. From Defamer Australia comes this finger smelling piece of info;

"A claim by Big Brother evictee Rebecca about the filthy actions of another housemate has sparked an investigation by Channel Ten into goings on within the compound.

Rebecca claimed during an interview with the Daily Telegraph that fellow housemate Dixie routinely wiped herself "downstairs" then touched people's faces and food.

The incident was reported as the filthiest thing to happen in the house since the infamous 'turkey slap' where two male housemates were involved in rubbing genitals on a female housemate's face."


Apparently Big Brother has investigated (some sad fucker had to watch hours and hours of footage) but could not find Dixie doing anything along those lines. They just found heaps of film of her whining and complaining constantly.

Though she does threaten to do it several times.

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