Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Brother '08 - yawn

I hate Kyle Sandilands more than I hate Dame Edna (which I hate quite a lot). I hate Jackie O too - not as much as I hate as Kunty Kyle - she's too insipid really. But my hate is tempered a little by how god damn boring these two are as BB Hosts.

And boring is a very apt word for this years series. The house is pretty damn boring (one big bed - that's bound to cause some riotous antics!), Big Brother's voice is all wrong and really dull (surely you have noticed), and no nominations show.

But worst of all... the house mates themselves. SO DAMN BORING!

No flamboyant gays to talk about fisting and dirty anal sex. No overtly racist bigots (Saxon was trying to be tolerant, but is too damn stupid to convey it really), and no real conniving "alpha males" trying to dominate (Ben is not hot enough to get away with it, Rory looks like a greyhound and as such cannot be taken seriously).

Worst of all...the men are all wrong. No real eye candy. No one to perve on. Dave has potential, so does Nathan.

Actually Nathan is really starting to grow on me. Nice enough bod, the balding/shaved head thing has got me going in the past. But what's the deal with the virgin thing? Hiding his gayness?

But it's not enough to keep me interested...

I hate all the old people out there that say Big Brother really needs to be cancelled, but I am in full agreement this time round... cancel it. Forget it existed. Create some new and more exciting reality TV.

Please. I beg of you. Please.

The sad thing is though... I have watched almost every night so far. Kill me now.

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